Custom Built DSS Rock Climber.

DSS Garage is an one stop garage that was founded 2014.

it has few division that have various specialties and consist of,

Dana Suspension Specialist (DSS), a suspension modificator expert specializing in Jeeps and offroad trucks for both personal use and racing.


DSS Dyno, with the latest software from MUSTANG DYNAMOMETER that insures a highest level of accuracy that is reliable for its real-world loading and accurate control. The advantage of our service here is we apply a self service concept where each tuner can operate the dynamometer themselves so they can personalize it to their need.

USED PARTS, with a collection of discarded modified car parts in prime condition that may be purchased for future modifications.

KHouse, our car body painting division that applies a layered thorough process resulting in a smooth paint job. KHouse includes a Portair booth which allows the painting process to be free of dust and other foreign debris, also ensures the safety of its painter from the dangerous chemical residue.

Originally Dana Karya as the owner of DSS (Dana Suspension Specialist) had an idea to fully utilized his garage and extra space. Because it a such a hassle just to wait the car from paintjob, dyno test, etc. So he expand his business and might as well making it into a one stop garage.

Since the based of DSS Garage are from DSS that his mainly job are building offroad cars or speed offroad cars. What DSS Garage is not just for offroad racing enthusiast, we aimed for daily based car as well. Either is old or new car. 

Dana Suspension Specialist

DSS was established in March 1998 when the national economy crisis struck and our team, Dana Karya, Djatot D. Purwanto, Priandhi Satria and Henki Turangan started importing used body parts specializing in Mercedes w123 from the USA. Our business was named Kar-M and lasted for 2 years.

Kar-M changed into Parts-M where we started to import Jeep used parts, new aftermarket parts and also became an agent for Kingshock and KingSpring selling to various shops and customers until 2002.


In 2003 to 2004 we joined (unaffiliated) Fab Fours Jakarta, with Fab Fours still being active in Texas, USA until Parts-M was disbanded in 2005.

Parts-M was inactive in 2005 for 3 months before Dana Karya changed his main business to DSS

(Dana Suspension Specialist) a workshop or garage specializing in body frame and 4 wheel drive (4WD) suspension.

Dana Karya Building tubular bodyframe for Rifat Sungkar Mistubishi Pajero Sport

Credit : www.sportku.com

Here, DSS succeed become a Radflo Suspension agent here in Indonesia. DSS has focused its main business as a suspension specialist, particularly for adventure jeeps.

In 2011 we decided to expand our expertise to speed offroad jeeps or trucks after participating in various races such as Soda, Score, Speed Offroad and Rock Climbing competitions. In the same year we opened a machine modification division lead by Risky and formed the team Lupromax Fuel Racing Team and Lupromax Oil that is sponsored by PT. Lupromax.


And since 2011 until now we stayed in the offroad racing world and actively participated in various races such as IXOR (Indonesian eXtreme Offroad Racing) and diesel speed offroad trucks race events.


DYNO DSS logo signage inside DSS Garage.

The importance of a dynamometer is usually overlooked by many especially in Indonesia because of the indication or perspective that a dynamometer is used only exclusively for race cars, when in reality it can be used to safe-proof a cars engine.


One of our main aims when investing in the machine is to

give a workshop or a clinic to educate young or new tuner and certified them to use not only our Mustang Dynamometer AWD 150 but any dyno test machine available out there.


another aim is to prevent any tendency of inexperienced tuners trying up to tune their own cars on public roads, endangering other people and themselves. A dynamometer can also be used to determine the perform level of used cars that can still be bought and sold.

DYNO DSS concept is to invite tuners to use our facilities and also educate/train the tuners so they can be qualified and certified. This service is open for any tuner and the public by appointment.

What is a Dynamometer?

Dyno, which is a short for Dynamometer, is a machine that is used to measure a car's horsepower (HP) and torque. A engine's power can be calculated by simultaneously measuring the torque and rotation speed (RPM - Revolutions Per Minute).

Knowing your cars horsepower and torque on the RPM is really important in motorsport races, so that the tuner and driver knows the condition of the engine before modification or before increasing the HP and Torque after modification. This affects the setting of engine to the components connected from the flywheel to the tires.

It was started from a high demand/need to test out cars or tune cars in the racing community, and the limited amount of dyno testing venues in Jakarta and surrounding area motivated DSS to build a dyno test service business opportunity to fulfill the demand in Jakarta.

AWD 150 dyno machine from Mustang Dynamometer.

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